Create with us products that you will be proud of

An IT product company that creates outstanding eCommerce software products

Key principles of the company


Every employee sincerely wants to be involved in the creation of outstanding products and company


We provide wow customer service


Constantly learn and develop


Work has to be fun


Think creatively and outside the box


Make it possible to tell about your results at the conference


Don't think "why" you can't do something. Think about "how" it can be done.

Why it is worth working with us

We hire only middle+ and senior specialists

Work in an environment of professionals and grow yourself.

We work without external investments

What matters to us is profit, our employees, and our customers (and not shareholders, company valuation, etc.).

We are a small company where the opinion of each employee is valued

You can fully influence the development of the product without the bureaucratic bullshit.

It is YOU who achieves concrete results in the company

The point “Developed the company’s products from $0 to $1 mln MRR per month” will look cool on your CV.

Open roles

Senior Product Designer (eCommerce apps)

As a Product Designer, you will have the following tasks:

  1. Creating user-friendly and intuitive designs for our Shopify apps that meet the needs of customers.
  2. Conducting user research to understand customer needs and preferences.
  3. Collaborating with developers, Product Manager, and other team members to ensure that designs are technically feasible and can be implemented efficiently.
  4. Developing wireframes, prototypes, and other design artifacts to communicate design concepts and ideas.
  5. Testing and iterating on designs based on user feedback to continuously improve the user experience.
  6. Staying up-to-date with industry trends and best practices in design to ensure that our Shopify apps are competitive in the market.
  7. Balancing user needs with business goals to create designs that are both functional and profitable.

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